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One of the forces that must be recognized in Marketing is Public Relations. Concrete Truth offers competitve avenues of accomplishing this goal. In todays economy reaching your target audience is necessary for success when promoting any item to the public. Concrete Truth uses carefully selective methods to obtain results in this area. Here are a few very effective ways of "direct response researching:


-Intense focus groups
-direct target surveying
-Feet to the ground street teams
-phone surveying



Social Media  

The newest phenom in Marketing has breaken many barrierers of the total people you can reach with just the touch of a button! Concrete Truth has a team that is experienced in navigating through these outlets, and reaching the masses. Social Networking has become the norm in marketing. So what makes Concrete Truth superior with this tool? Our team is dedicated to utilizing all variabels including market analysis, research tracking, and percentage of population reached tracking. Here are some or the best social medial outlets that we market through:


-Facebook          -Hootsuite
-Twitter               -Foursquare
-Instagram          -Youtube
-Linked In           -Tumbler




With over 10 years of experience, Concrete Truth knows the core principlas in advertising. Wether it be through Radio, Television, Print, or Billboards, the type of promotion might change but the methods of reaching your target audience dosen't. And with this blueprint and mold of a step-by-step process, we will make your product known to the masses. Here are some key ingredients that Concrete Truth provides for superb advertising:


-Radio commercials           -Aparel
-T.V. Commericial              -Print Materials
-PSA's                                -Graphic Design
-Intstructional Videos



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